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10 easy steps to be a winner.

Your progress in the WINNERS CIRCLE will be noticed by others if you;

1. Show pride in and respect for yourself.
2. Show respect for others.
3. Help around the house, you live there too. Find just one job you can do to help every day. Why
should someone else do all the heavy lifting?
4. Make your bed each morning. This is an interesting, good-habit way to start the day, it doesn’t take
long and when you go to bed tonight you are going to enjoy a well-made bed. After all, you will be
spending the next 8 hours in it. So, do it for your own enjoyment. Soldiers and Defence force
personnel who live in barracks do it every day. It is character building. The speech by retired U.S.
Navy Admiral and Navy Seal William H. McRaven Admiral explains why this is such an important step.
5. Offer to do the dishes. Your mother isn’t your slave. Help out.
6. There will always be time for your social life.
7. All of these things show that you can accept responsibility and will carry your share of it.
8. If you want respect, you must earn it. You will find just how easy it is to earn that respect.
9. Clean up your own mess. Wash the car, mow the grass, put out the bin, walk the dog.
10. The WINNER in all of the above is you. Don’t ever think that simple good habits can’t deliver
Self-esteem and satisfaction. People around you will notice and you will be respected and admired
for your standards.