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You should never underestimate the value to your reputation and the impression you leave when you practice courtesy and good manners.


  1. Do you say please and thank you?
  2. Do you give up your seat on a train or bus for an elderly person or a mother with a small child?
  3. Do you assist people who struggle to safely climb into or out of a bus or car?
  4. Do you open a door for another person?
  5. Do you send an email or card to thank someone for their hospitality?
  6. Do you follow the quaint old tradition of walking on the road-side of the footpath when you accompany a female companion? (Do you know why that is done)?
  7. Do you assist your female companion at a restaurant by moving her chair out for her and then pushing it toward the table as she sits?
  8. If you arrive at a door at the same time as a female, do you open the door and allow her to enter before you do?
  9. Did you know that manners can be the quickest way to get people to like you?
  10. Try it and see the look of happiness from whoever you assist.


You will be surprised by how much manners are appreciated. These are the small steps toward becoming strongly respected by other people. Manners are so easy to accomplish and that girl you like has parents who will notice how you treat their daughter. Guess who is going to be on your side if her parents respect you?


Never underestimate the value to your self-esteem of being liked and appreciated. It is the easiest thing to achieve and it creates enormous goodwill. You will stand out and be noticed.


Don’t dismiss the above points as being silly or old fashioned. Manners will never be old fashioned and people who practice good manners are highly regarded. We call them winners!